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Our Opportunity Tracking Team source HR sector tenders on a daily basis before categorising the opportunities all in one place using industry-driven keywords. This includes recruitment frameworks, and many more.

We source opportunities including:
• HR consultancy
• Recruitment frameworks
• HR training
• Appraisal systems
• Recruitment tenders, and many more.

Recruitment contracts and framework agreements

Securing recruitment contracts is vital for the growth and sustainability of any recruitment company.

Public sector contracts can offer great security for a recruitment company seeking to expand. There are many advantages to tendering within the public sector that you may not be aware of.

Advantages of public sector recruitment contracts


While regulations are often considered to be a hindrance, there are advantages to the fact that public sector organisations do have regulations to abide by.

For example, public sector bodies have to pay accounts within 30 days of receiving a valid invoice. In other words, once the work has been agreed, your business must be paid within the month.

This does not apply to private sector organisations who are not ruled by any governance.

Supporting SMEs

The UK government has a target to ensure the growth of SMEs. The target outlines that £1 in every £3 should be spent with SMEs instead of large corporations. This is one of the most beneficial reasons for tendering for public sector recruitment contracts.


The government has to be transparent in regard to their spending of public money. This means that there are no grey areas during both the tendering process and during the contract.

Why should you consider framework agreements?

Save Time

A recruitment framework agreement is a great way to generate income regularly. Recruitment Consultants can spend less time developing leads and relationships and more time delivering chargeable work.

Raise your profile

Becoming a government approved supplier will raise the profile of your business. In order to be approved, your business must meet certain standards and criteria. This demonstrates reputability to prospective clients.

Be competitive

It is likely that your competition will be registered on government frameworks. They could be winning recruitment contracts that you were unaware of. By successfully joining framework agreements, you will be able to stay competitive in your marketplace.

Additionally, if your competition is not registered on these framework agreements, you will be able to access these contracts before your competitors know of their existence.

How to find recruitment contracts and frameworks

At HR Tenders, we manually source recruitment contracts and frameworks from hundreds of sources on a daily basis.

We don’t rely on CPV codes or algorithms to search on our behalf. We trust people. Our team of Opportunity Trackers source and upload each tender individually. This ensures that you only see relevant business opportunities.

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