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Published9th February 2017 AuthorJohn Hudson

Here at HR Tenders our Business Development Team is second to none. We understand that buying into a subscription for a product you aren’t entirely sure of can be daunting and want to make sure you are as confident as we are about what exactly it can do for your business.

For this reason we give you the opportunity to view our platform via a remote live demo with one of our friendly team. From this you will be able to view all of the functionalities we have to offer and allow you to see for yourself how simple it is to use. This particular technique allows for a quick understanding of the platform as any questions or queries can resolved instantly that may be hindering your decision.

The portal is broken down into industry sub-sectors including Recruitment Frameworks, Appraisal Systems, HR consultancy, Recruitment Tenders, HR Training, Cost Consultancy, Recruitment Contracts and many more.

Once the demo has come to an end, we allow for use of the platform until the end of the day so that you have the chance to explore for yourself and gain familiarity with the various functions. From here, we are just a phone call away to answer further questions or assist you with any purchases you wish to pursue. If you need help with the submission of a bid please contact our bid writing consultants who hold an 87% bid success rate.

What are you waiting for? To book a demo get in touch via

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